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What is BellaStone?

BellaStone is the first manufactured stone product produced by thermally infusing real stone aggregate with natural color pigments into high grade polymer. This process insures that each individual stone has real stone aggregate and pigment on its surface. Like other manufactured stone products, the molds used to make BellaStone are taken off of natural quarried stones; however, BellaStone molds are taken off of sections of stone walls, creating a panelized product that installs faster, without the hassles of a masonry installation.

Simply Beautiful

  • Hand-chiseled look of
    natural stone
  • Incorporates real stone
    aggregate with natural

Simply Practical

  • Increases property value
  • Energy efficient - minimum R-Value of 4
  • Cost effective
  • Easy installation

Simply Versatile

  • Wide variety of of exterior applications
  • Perfect for new construction or remodeling
  • Lightweight
  • Can be installed below grade

Simply Reliable

  • 50-year Limited Warranty
  • True maintenance freedom
  • 60 years of unchanged family ownership
Tuscan BellaStone®
Tuscan BellaStone
Torino BellaStone®
Torino BellaStone
SmartTrack™ Ridges
BellaStone’s specially designed
SmartTrack™ ridges create
an air space for ventilation,
allowing moisture to evaporate.
SmartTrack Engineered Channels.
Any excess moisture is guided
out through SmartTrack
engineered channels.

BellaStone® Color SwatchBellaStone™ Architectural Columns are decorative accents that add immeasurable character and give a home an unparalleled design.




BellaStone™ Accents trim and accessories complete the look.

BellaStone® Accents Trim and Accessories
Quoin Corner   Water Table   Quoin Corner
Wa ter Table
  Window Lineal   Windowsill

Not all trim is available in all colors.